Portable Rectifiers

Portable Rectifier with adjustable output, includes analogue Volt and Amp Meters, test Sockets as well as AC & DC Breakers. Hard carry Case includes Carry Handle, trolley wheels and telescopic handle.

Portable Case is half allocated to build in Rectifier, half is allocated to storage for Cables, connectors and possible survey equipment/accessories.

Input: 90 – 230 V AC (Customer to Advise requirement)

Output Capacity: 48V 32A DC Output

External Dimensions: 24.25” x 19.43” x 8.68” (61.6mm x 49.3mm x 22mm)

Weight: 22.25Pounds (11,5 kg)

Cooling: Air Cooled. Rectifier is vented and has very little Temperature increase in operation.

Ingress Protection: Case has been modified for ventilation of rectifier. Fans with Filter have been added. IP rating 54.

Enclosure: Pelican Case (Orange) Lockable c/w Handle and wheels.