Cathodic Protection Services

  1. Product & Materials Supply
  2. Consulting Services
  3. Testing & Monitoring
  4. Product Repairs & Maintenance
  5. Cathodic Protection Design
  6. Cathodic Protection Installations
  7. Project QC / Supervision / Management
  8. Concrete Corrosion


Corrosion Applications we Service:
Pipelines – Tanks – Marine Structures – Concrete

Cathtect offers a comprehensive range of Products & services to support your Cathodic protection needs for a one stop Solution. Offering products & services for Pipelines, Tanks, Marine Structures, and Concrete corrosion applications.

We are a Cathodic protection product supply specialist with many standard products for your supply convenience. In addition, we offer a range of innovative & Sophisticated product options that meet the needs of demanding conditions and environments developed by our International Research & development team. Our Customizable and adaptable options allow is to meet your application and technology needs.


According to SSPC, corrosion of metals cost about $276 billion annually in the US. Over the last 30 years Cathtect USA has helped Clients mitigate these damages to lengthen the life of their assets. We supply & service locally and internationally to provide world class Cathodic Protection.


Cathtect offers services of Corrosion Product supply, Inspection, monitoring & testing, Product Service & Repair, Consultation Services, Project Supervision & management. At Cathtect we strive for excellence, building professional relationships and giving clients quality service, support and professional advice.

We Can Help You – At Cathtect our goal is to proactively address corrosion and extend the service life of your infrastructure, while minimizing repairs and unexpected costs. We develop corrosion control solutions using the latest, award-winning, proven, and carefully vetted technologies based on compliance with industry standards and cost optimization for specific structures and conditions.

Cathodic Protection Services

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Water Pipelines

Above Ground Storage tanks

Buried Tanks & Gas Stations

Marine Structures (Bridges & Seawalls)

Marine Vessels

Concrete Structures (Condos, Hotels, Parking Garages, Pools)

Cathtect USA offers a full service approach to provide your Corrosion Solution for a multiphase approach

  1. Engage, Investigate, Design & Solution engineering.
  2. Quantify, Supply and Deliver
  3. Installation, Quality Control, Supervision & Project management
  4. Commissioning, Reporting, Training & Handover
  5. Maintenance & Support