Corrosion Solutions For Reinforced Concrete

Following the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association in Surfside Fl in 2021, condominium association, residents, board members and building owners were all left wondering about the structural integrity and safety of their own buildings. With a unique proactive approach Cathtect USA can tailor the perfect corrosion protection strategy and solution to meet our clients’ concrete corrosion mitigation, design, supply and installation needs.

  • Corrosion Inspection & Investigations
  • Concrete & Corrosion Condition Assessments
  • Corrosion Mitigation solutions based on environmental and design requirements
  • Specialized Corrosion Design (Durability)
  • Product supply and installation

Buildings located in close proximity to the beach or salt water are by their very nature at a high risk of corrosion but statistically 70% traditional concrete repairs deteriorate within 10 years and 90% deteriorate after 25 years, because these traditional repairs do not address the root problem ….CORROSION! Cathtect has partnered with highly experienced engineers to develop concrete corrosion solutions using patented technology that works to prevent or mitigate corrosion, instead of reacting with repairs when symptoms intensify. Contact Us today, to learn how we can help you protect your asset and you concrete structure!

Concrete Corrosion Services

At Cathtect, our goal is to help our clients understand corrosion and how it affects their building/structure. We offer a variety of testing services aimed at giving engineers and owners a better idea of the state of corrosion within a structure.

Concrete Corrosion Products

Cathtect offers a variety of technologies and product solutions for all our clients specific concrete corrosion needs. Using targeted corrosion on repairs, actively monitoring corrosion or implementing a tailored holistic protection system on the structure. Cathtect can help you take control of your corrosion problem.

Symptoms of corrosion are not always immediately visible; therefore it’s important to understand what to look for and how to identify it. Determining the levels of concrete contamination and the severity of corrosion damage requires consultation with an expert .

The traditional approach to corrosion has been to react to symptoms, leading to recurring problems over the life of the asset. With a proactive approach towards concrete health, we aim to  save you, the asset owner from ongoing constant repairs, escalating costs and sudden assessments that quickly  become an escalating nightmare.

Understanding the stages of corrosion can help decide when is the best time to implement corrosion mitigation and protect your asset. Corrosion within concrete structures can not be reversed, but it can be arrested in place. Taking control of corrosion and the health of your building/structure is very beneficial to owners who are concerned about long term cost avoidance and return on their investment.

Take action with Cathtect can not only save you money and limit financial risk ta asset owners but our proven solutions carry a 10 year Warranty and proactively extend the life of your structure!