Corrosion Solutions For Tank Applications

Aboveground and underground storage tanks are essential components of almost all of today’s industrial sectors. Unfortunately, as is the case with all metal structures, storage tanks are susceptible to the damaging effects of corrosion both on the external tank surface as well as internally.

Corrosion is the primary detrimental factor that affects the long-term viability of tank infrastructure, the industry’s efficiency and in some severe cases the quality of the surrounding environment. For a terminal operator the risk of leakage is an ongoing consideration. That is why developing and implementing sound, quality corrosion control methods and procedures plays a key role in tank maintenance and the longevity of your infrastructure.

Cathtect USA provides solutions for all your above ground, buried and internal tank corrosion needs, get in touch with our team today to learn we can best meet your design, supply and service needs.

Tank corrosion and the improper management thereof can lead to millions, if not billions of dollars in both direct and indirect costs. The consequences of tank failure due to corrosion are so dire that in America the U.S government have implemented federal regulations to all stakeholders owning or operating underground storage tanks to have adequate corrosion protection systems in place.

The most prevalent culprit of plant and equipment malfunction in storage tanks, associated pipelines, supports, structures, vessels, and machinery in industrial facilities is atmospheric corrosion.

In some instances there may be other environmental variables leading to the deterioration of the infrastructure these could include any or a combination of the following : high pressures; high temperature ; nature of the  stored compounds; corrosive gases and chemicals can all cause carbon steel and other metals to corrode.

Corrosion is without a doubt the greatest concern when it comes to storage tanks, but there is good news. Corrosion is a problem that can be mitigated and controlled once the right control systems are in place and a long-term strategy has been implemented to protect not only the storage tank its contents and the environment but the financial bottom line of asset owners and operators alike.

Cathtect USA services a variety of tank applications and offer wide range of products specifically for the protection of aboveground, buried and the internal infrastructure of storage tanks.

We work with our clients specialized needs to help provide cathodic protection product solutions and services for the prevention corrosion of their assets

Cathtect USA is a technical leader in the cathodic protection industry. Our promise is to strive to be a one-stop cathodic protection solution to the Tank industry, owners and operators providing quality service and support.

We do what it takes to protect your assets and best interests combined!

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Mg AnodesBagged Anodes

Galvanic / Sacrificial Anodes

Cathtect offers a comprehensive range of Galvanic / Sacrificial anode options for various applications & Specifications.

  • Magnesium Anodes, Rods & Ribbon
  • Aluminum Anodes
  • Zinc Anodes & Ribbon

Anodes can be offered in various shapes, dimensions & weights based on the design specification for Burial, submersion or various anode applications.

Please contact us to request a specialized quotation to meet you project & application requirements.