Product and Service Solutions to meet your Cathodic Protection needs.

Cathtect USA Inc. offices are based in Florida, USA. We are purposely created to service the Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation Industry with Technical Services and Products for CP Equipment & Solutions. We Supply, Test, Service, & Maintain Cathodic Protection products and systems across the USA. We also offer product support to assist clients and asset owners with an end to end service.

Over 30 years of Expertise & Experience in Cathodic Protection, AC Mitigation and Corrosion Industry.

Cathtect USA takes ownership of your Cathodic Protection problem. We have the ability to find solutions through world-class Cathodic Protection equipment and expertise developed from years’ of experience in installations worldwide. We not only protect pipelines, but we also install peace of mind.

Cathodic Protection Products & Services

  1. Product & Materials Supply
  2. Consulting
  3. Testing & Monitoring
  4. NACE CP II Technicians
  5. Repairs & Maintenance
  6. Cathodic Protection Design
  7. Cathodic Protection Installation
  8. Project Supervision / Management

With over 30 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best in Cathodic Protection Solutions. We supply & service locally and internationally to provide world class Cathodic Protection.

Cathtect strives for excellence, building professional relationships and giving clients quality service, support and professional advice – doing what it takes to always assist our clients.

We do what it takes!

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Let us know what your specific requirements are in order for us to provide you a tailored Quotation.

Once completed we test to ensure that the products meet our promised standards.

Our technical team designs and produces the ideal solution for your specific need.


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