About Cathtect USA

Cathtect USA is an innovative Cathodic Protection Specialist company, ready to serve the Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation Corrosion Industries in the USA and across the globe. It is our passion to provide efficient, effective corrosion protection products and customized solutions to protect your assets.


Located in the state of Florida, Cathtect USA is an international Subsidiary of the Cathtect Group. We Supply, Install, Service, & Maintain Cathodic Protection Equipment & Systems to meet all of your corrosion problems within the USA and abroad. We also offer product training & after sale support.

We look forward to partnering with you in business.


To pioneer the Cathodic protection industry with the best corrosion protection and AC mitigation products & services to meet customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

Embark on cathodic protection skill development with purpose,to deliver client expectation within the expected time frame and ensure high Quality Standards.

To pioneer corrosion technology advancement in the Cathodic Protection market thereby pulling the Cathodic Protection market in an emancipating direction retaining market edge, reliability & cost effectiveness.


Cathtect USA’s vision is to be internationally recognized in the Supply & Service of innovative corrosion products & services for the Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation industry. With world renowned Rectifier & Decoupling solutions.

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With over 30 years experience in the corrosion industry, Cathtect has the experience and knowledge to offer you the best in Cathodic Protection & AC Mitigation Solutions. We supply and service Rectifiers and Solid State Decoupling devices globally with a focus on being world class leaders in the field of Cathodic Protection.

Cathtect strives for excellence. Building professional relationships and giving clients Quality Service, Support, and Professional Advice. Doing what it takes to always assist and accommodate our Customers and providing turnkey solutions to all your corrosion prevention and AC mitigation needs.

We offer Lunch & Learn opportunities to engage, educate and assist our customers with information to develop solutions and support. Please contact us for more information.


Consult & Plan

Let us know what your specific requirements are in order for us to provide you a tailored Quotation.

Design & Develop

Our technical team designs and produces the ideal cathodic protection solution for your specific corrosion needs.

Test & Deliver

Once completed we test to ensure that the products meet our promised standards.

Cathtect USA's 3 Step Process

Cathtect Quality Assurance

The Cathtect Group of companies have over 30 years of experience in cathodic protection and AC mitigation equipment installed in many international markets & Projects. We are fortunate to have experienced electronics and embedded controller software engineers in our management team.

Cathtect Engineering has implemented Quality Control Systems in its production processes to establish a quality standard that conforms and complies with SABS and SANS regulations.

Cathtect Engineering has world class standards of manufacturing as its management team have been designing and manufacturing electronic equipment for over 30 years.

Collectively the management team have over 75 years of design and manufacturing expertise and experience.

The employees have successfully designed equipment for institutions such as the Department of Defence (USA), Dominion Energy, Chevron, Department of Water Affairs & Forestry, Engen, Armskor, Denel, Transnet, Transnet Pipelines, Eskom, Johannesburg Water, Fluor, Sasol, and many others.