Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring equipment is used to monitor Cathodic Protection Systems, gathering data and providing valuable information for CP System management. RMU’s are
generally installed near a Cathodic Protection Rectifier but can also be installed at critical structure-to-soil potential test stations, depending on the application requirements.

  • The Remote Monitoring Unit provides remote monitoring and control of the Rectifier Unit.
  • This Monitoring Unit uses GSM and GPRS to navigate & monitor corrosion around pipelines and tank structures.
  • This enables personnel to request and collect Cathodic Protection performance information from any location around the world using cellular networks.
  • Personnel no longer need to travel to a site, not only is this ideal in that it saves time and travel expenses but it can also be beneficial where sites are not easily accessible.
  • The RMU does not only measure the performance of the Cathodic Protection System, it can also pick up any faults that might occur so that they can be repaired quickly.

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  • Request for instantaneous values for control mode and alarm
  • Request for 24hr log
  • Can operate individually or integrated with a rectifier
  • Ability to change some control settings remotely
  • 12V SLA Rechargeable battery provides up to 150 hours backup power supply
  • Transmit an SMS/Text to the master station if there is any kind of fault or tampering
  • Uses newest technology
  • Can receive instantaneous values of your cathodic protected system anywhere around the world over an SMS/Text

Power Supply/UPS Module:
  • Power Input: 120-220V AC 50Hz
  • Power Outputs: 15-0-15V AC, Regulated +/-15VDC @ 100mA
  • Battery Charging: 10mA trickle charger for 12VDC SLA Battery
  • Provides UPS supply to the multi-mode controller and GSM module
  • Sets the “AC Supply failure to Monitoring Unit” Alarm signal on interruption of the 220 V AC supply
GSM Module (plus antenna):
  • GSM/GPRS SMS enabled Modem
  • Power Input: 12 VDC
  • Standard Sim card slot (MTN/CELLC/ Vodacom/Telkom)
  • Din rail mount
12V SLA Rechargeable Battery:
  • Provide up to 150 hours of backup supply
Power and signal line protection:
  • 120-220 V AC power is protected by 275 V 15kA MOV
  • TRU output voltage signal: 275 V 15kA MOV
  • TRU output current signal: bidirectional diode across shunt input on PCB
  • Reference Potential signal: 60-0-60V 1.5kA bipolar transorb with 90V spark gap to earth
  • Digital inputs protected to 20V continuous