With over 30 years in the industry, Cathtect have been developing and supplying Rectifiers since 1992. we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best in Cathodic Protection Solutions and technology to support your CP Protection, management and Control Needs.

We supply & service locally and internationally to provide world class Cathodic Protection.

Cathtect strives for excellence, building professional relationships and giving clients quality service, support and professional advice – doing what it takes to always assist our clients.

DC Rectifier

Switchmode Rectifiers

The Switch Mode Rectifier is the most efficient Rectifier, low loss excellent ripple (< 250mV across the range) rectifier in the industry. Switch Mode power supplies are used in Hospitals, Operating theatres and in life support equipment, satellites, storage tank ICCP Systems & Pipeline ICCP systems.

Switchmode Cathodic Protection rectifiers can typically be used with corrosion protection pipelines, tank farms and other vulnerable metals that are at risk of corrosion where impressed DC currents are required.

We have been developing and suppplying CP Rectifiers since 1992. We offer rectifiers in Auto as well as Manual (Hermetically sealed Multiturn Potentiometer) operation. Auto operation in 3 control user-programmable modes – Constant output voltage, Constant output current – Constant Structure to electrolyte potential. User programable parameter limiting renders Cathtect Auto rectifiers as the most state of the art available and its intuitive menu-driven setup simple to use.

We are also happy to engage with you on your specific needs should they not be listed here.

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Switchmode Rectifiers, renowned for their reliability and small footprint, are used wherever metal structures such as pipelines are at risk of environmentally induced corrosion.

Solar Rectifier Cathodic Protection

Solar Powered Rectifiers

In circumstances where AC Mains proves to be a problem, Cathtect’s range of Solar Rectifiers are a perfect fit. User selected Multiple automatic control modes as well as Manual adjustment combined with superefficient Switch Mode technology and MPPT charge control, turn the inconvenience of no available AC Mains into a “non-issue”. We are also happy to engage with you on your specific needs should they not be listed here. We have been developing, producing and Supplying CP Rectifiers since 1992

Product Options Include:

  • Rectifier c/w Charge Controller
  • Solar Panel Arrays
  • Batteries
  • Enclosures
  • Accessories and connectors
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The Solar Powered Cathodic Protection Rectifier, powered by a DC battery bank, is the perfect solution in circumstances where AC Mains proves to be a problem.

Cathtect Portable Rectifiers

Portable Rectifiers

Cathects portable rectifier with its physical low mass solutions provides the ultimate balance between available power and mass. We provide portable rectifiers in the Famous Pelican Case with or without wheels as well as more robust “Pick-up Friendly” steel enclosed solutions with wheels and cable storage facilities.

  • Pelican Case is Lockable and comes in black or orange color options.
  • Portable Rectifier with adjustable output, 48V 32A DC or 60V 50A DC Output (Range of Output capacities available) includes analogue Volt and Amp Meters, test sockets as well as AC & DC Breakers.
  • The Portable Carry Case utilizes 50% space allocation to the built-in Rectifier, the other 50% is allocated to storage for Cables, connectors, Interrupter and tools.

Please see more specifications below. We are also happy to engage with you on your specific needs should they not be listed here. We have been developing and Supplying CP Rectifiers since 1992.

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A Portable Rectifier in a Pelican case or robust Steel enclosure, with its physical low mass provide the ultimate balance between available power and mass.

Oil-Cooled Rectifiers

Rugged and robust harsh environments generally require a Rectifier solution capable of meeting and operating in the extreme environment with very little or no maintenance. The Cathtect Oil Cooled Rectifier should be your first and only choice!

In our most basic enclosures, we utilize a chrome rich Mild steel capable of sea front deployment as well as Stainless enclosures with both our “On Line” and “Off Line” ONAN series rectifiers.

As harsh environments differ and vary, call us, as we are original equipment supplier and are able to meet your most rigorous requirements to deliver a solution tailored to meet the most arduous of locations. We can sherardize, galvanize, powder coat and wet spray to make rugged harsh environment equipment not just functional and fit for purpose, but pleasing to the eye!

See more specifications below, and let us know what your requirements are in your request.

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Oil Cooled Cathodic Protection Rectifiers are used in areas with severe weather conditions where Standard Air Cooled Rectifiers will not withstand these conditions.