Solar Powered Rectifiers

In circumstances where AC Mains proves to be a problem, Cathtect’s range of Solar Rectifiers are a perfect fit. User selected Multiple automatic control modes as well as Manual adjustment combined with superefficient Switch Mode technology and MPPT charge control, turn the inconvenience of no available AC Mains into a “non-issue”. We are also happy to engage with you on your specific needs should they not be listed here. We have been developing, producing and Supplying CP Rectifiers since 1992

Product Options Include:

  • Rectifier c/w Charge Controller
  • Solar Panel Arrays
  • Batteries
  • Enclosures
  • Accessories and connectors
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Cathtect’s Solar Powered Rectifier is an innovative advancement in application of Cathodic Protection. This system is designed and developed to fundamentally protect pipelines using renewable energy, which decreases the amount of electricity required from the formal sector. This system saves electricity, money, resources and minimizes carbon footprint.

Solar Powered Rectifier is powered by a DC battery bank with a controlled automatic output voltage. The battery bank charges during daylight hours by suitably rated poly-crystalline solar panels. Not only does this system work off renewable resources, but the size and length of cable are less than the conventional rectifier unit. By using less and shorter cable on a rectifier, this saves cost and minimizes the attraction of theft and vandalism.

Cathtect offers:

  • Solar Rectifiers
  • Power Supplies
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Systems
  • Charge controllers
  • Mounting frames
  • Spare Parts & Accessories.


  • Suitable for remote areas with no power access
  • Makes use of clean and efficient generated energy
  • Limited maintenance
  • No cost for grid electricity supply
  • Lightweight design
  • Remote monitoring can be included

  • Output Options to Suit Customer Requirements
  • Solar Panels (Range of Sizes & options to meet requirements)
  • Solar Batteries ( 100A/hr / 150A/hr / 200A/hr)
  • Enclosures
  • Mounting frames & accessories

Additional information

Solar-Powered Rectifiers Options

Rectifier: 12V, 8A, 96W, Rectifier: 24V, 8V, 192W, Rectifier: 5V, 60A, 300W, Rectifier: 12V, 27A, 324W, Rectifier: 48V, 7.3A, 350.4W, Rectifier: 12V, 60A, 720W, Rectifier: 24V, 40A, 960W, Rectifier: 48V, 12A, 576W, Rectifier: 48V, 21A, 1008W