Concrete Corrosion Services

Cathtect USA offers a full-service multiphase approach to provide your Corrosion Solution for protecting your Concrete Structures (Condos, Hotels, Parking Garages, Pools). We aim to help you understand corrosion and how it affects your building/structure and your pocket! Request your customized estimate and let Cathtect help you solve your structures corrosion problems today.

We focus on a specialized holistic process to solve concrete corrosion problems giving asset owners the ability to see real corrosion data, and make informed decisions to proactively address all the affected areas to reduce/eliminate future repair cycles using smarter technologies.

Although having a coastal investment is a dream for most people it does come with its own set of environmental considerations and possible problems if not addressed correctly. Corrosion in concrete most commonly occurs when chlorides (salt) permeate through the concrete and reach the reinforcing steel. Once the chlorides reach the steel, the process of corrosion starts and corrosion products (rust) begin to form and become visible on the surface of the steel. These expansive oxides create tensile stress on the surrounding concrete, leading to cracks, spalls and delaminations. It is important to be aware that the symptoms of corrosion are not always immediately visible; therefore it’s important to understand what to look for and how to identify it.

Your coastal building is subject to corrosion, it is just difficult to see! But Cathtect is here to help you find,solve and mitigate any further corrosion problems.

Cathtect offer custom solutions to identify the problem , arrest the corrosion cycle in place and help you understand the most appropriate and tailor-made way to avoid future repair needs to any steel reinforced concrete structure where corrosion is uncontrolled. CONTACT US to find out more about how we do what it takes to solve your specific corrosion problems.