Wide Range of Anodes options for Pipeline, Tank, Structure & Marine Applications.

Impressed Current CP Anodes

  • MMO Anodes
    • Tube, Wire & Ribbon
  • Silicon Iron Anodes

Sacrificial Anodes

  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
MMO Canistered Anodes

Impressed Current Anodes (MMO & Silicon Iron)

Cathtect offers a comprehensive range of impressed current anode options to meet various specifications and a range of applications.
MMO Anodes
* Tubular Anodes
* Wire Anode
* Ribbon Anode
Silicon Iron Anodes
* Tubular Anodes
* Stick Anodes
Impressed Current Anodes are made to protect the Cathode in its environment with maximum versatility of options.
Anodes can be offered in various shapes, lengths and configurations to meet your application needs with many options for cable size, color, length and insulation choices.

Please contact us to request a quotation based on your specifications, Quantity & requirements.

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Mg Anodes

Sacrificial Anodes

Cathtect offers a comprehensive range of sacrificial anode options for various applications & Specifications.
* Magnesium
* Aluminum
* Zinc

Anodes can be offered in various shapes and weights based on the design specification for Buried Pipeline, Tanks and Marine Applications.

Please contact us to request a specialized quotation to meet you project and application requirements.

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Magnesium, Aluminum and Zinc Options.

Tired of a 3-5 year lifespan and failing hot water tanks/geysers? Installing an Impressed Current CP System will extend the design life of your hot water tank.