Hot Water Tank ICCP System

Mains/Solar & Battery backed Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems incorporation state of the art dimensionally stable anodes utilized for the protection of Hot Water heating Tanks/Geysers. Extending the life of Water Cylinder and reducing water odour.

Introducing the GeyserSafe E-node – Product Brochure



The GeyserSafe E-node™ is scientifically proven to protect and extend the life of a fixed electric water storage heaters (Geysers) by up to 30 years (SANS 0155) using a specially designed electronic anode that uses a tiny amount of impressed current to balance the inherent chemical reaction that arises when water and steel come into contact.


The advanced technology used by the GeyserSafe E-node ™ provides the following additional capabilities turning any geyser into a Smart Geyser:

  • Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Sigfox connectivity
  • Ability to remotely view and control various parameters such geyser temperature, timers, electricity usage, GPS location etc. through the GeyserSafe E-node ™ app.
  • Monitoring the internal condition of the geyser over time, as well as the prediction of a geyser failure before it occurs.
  • Detecting excessive water in the drip tray and outlet overflow pipe.
  • Isolate the geyser electrically and physically shut off the water supply* limiting damage when a failure is detected. (*requires additional solenoid shut-off valve sold separately).

System Specifications:

  • Anode Material: Titanium MMO coated
  • Input voltage: 96-230VAC
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3000mAh
  • Bluetooth: BT4.2
  • Wi-fi: 2.4g supports 802.11b/g/n
  • GPS: GPS & GLONAS L1,1575,42MHz –143dBm
  • Sigfox: 2RC1
  • Temperature Monitoring: -50 to +240 C’
  • NFC: 13.56MHz 40mm 106Kbps

Full Specifications – Hot Water Geyser Anode ICCP System 


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Hot Water Tank Options

100l / 26 gal (US), 150l / 39.6 gal (US), 200l / 52.83 gal (US)