Cathtect USA Inc. offer a Range of CP Rectifiers and Remote monitoring systems namely: Switchmode Rectifiers, Solar powered Rectifier, Automatic controlled Transformer Rectifiers, Manually controlled Transformer Rectifiers, Portable Transformer Rectifier units, Natural drainage units, Forced drainage units, Temporary Rectifier units, Oil Cooled Rectifiers, Link panels, Distribution cabinets, Electrical cabinets and enclosures.

In addition, we offer Remote monitoring units and features to offer sophistication and management tools to improve your data collection and performance.

Our CP Rectifier & Remote monitoring systems are utilised to impress DC current onto a structure which drives the structure more electro negative with respect to its surrounding, affording it Cathodic Protection in the process. We take great care in providing our customers with the best quality, in all that we do!

Our Cathodic Protection Rectifiers include

Switchmode Rectifiers

A newer technology more advanced than transformer rectifiers utilizing high frequency switching devices resulting in greater feedback responsiveness, efficiency and service life.

Portable Rectifier Units

Cathtect has developed a range of portable rectifiers for difficult times when requirements demand a power supply to be installed to a structure in order for the survey to be completed.

Solar Powered Rectifiers

Powered by a DC battery bank with controllable automatic output voltage.
The battery bank is charged during day light hours by suitably rated poly or mono crystalline solar panels.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring equipment is used to monitor Cathodic Protection Rectifier & Test Stations, gathering data and providing valuable information for CP System management and uses the newest technology for feedback and control.

M.C. MILLER Equipment

As a distributor of M.C. Miller products, we would be happy to facilitate and support your Cathodic Protection Equipment and survey needs.

Cathtect USA specializes in Cathodic Protection rectifiers & Remote monitoring

Feel free to call us for more information regarding what our solutions can do for you.