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What is Cathodic Protection and how does it work?

Cathodic protection is a renowned and effective technique that is used to prevent the corrosion and deterioration of metals. It is used to protect industrial equipment and structures such as steel, water pipelines, storage tanks, oil platforms and ships. Corrosion occurs in structures that are located underground and are exposed to the soil as well as in equipment that is located underwater. If it is not addressed timeously, corrosion can have harmful effects on metal structures.

Corrosion is a gradual process that breaks down the properties of metals; this deterioration is a byproduct of a chemical reaction that occurs between metals and their environment. Corrosion is a result of the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in an environment that has water or moist air.

Cathtect Product Range

Cathtect Engineering offers the following:

  • Cathodic protection rectifiers & electrical systems
  • Cathodic protection de-coupling & isolation
  • Cathodic protection anodes
  • Reference Electrodes and Coupons
  • Monitors and control systems
  • Cables and cable accessories
  • Eathing and Weld materials
  • Selective Backfill materials
  • Concrete Enclosures

Cathtect Engineering prides itself on being an industry leader in cathodic protection and corrosion mitigation. We are a solutions-based company that offers high-quality products and professional services. Contact us today and we will answer any questions or enquiiries you may have. Check out our products here and if you would like a quote on our products, feel free to request a quote.

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