Solar Powered CPSolar Rectifier Cathodic Protection

As a Cathodic Protection company, we often deal with many different inquiries, some easier and some more difficult than others and yet all unique in their way.

The Situation

In June 2015, one of our clients encountered a situation for which they had no solution. Theft of infrastructure kept recurring in the area; their AC power supplies, cables, and transformers were stolen, interfering with their CP System, leaving their pipeline unprotected against corrosion. 

This led to our client having to find alternative methods to protect their pipeline. 

The Solution

Cathtect rose to the occasion and was challenged to come up with an innovative solution to the problem. After much customer interaction and collaboration, we were excited to have found a novel solution. 

We would supply them with a Solar Powered Rectifier unit, meaning we could utilize renewable energy through a solar power supply system to power the rectifier.

The Product 

The Solar Powered Rectifier is a new and pioneering concept that includes integrating switchmode rectifier technology and solar power into a product that replaces the need for AC mains whilst offering sustainable DC Corrosion control. the system can be configured to suit the output requirments and secured in a number of installation design assemblies to suit the location and security requirments.

The technical performance characteristics of the Solar Rectifier are desirable for those out in the field, as they can achieve a significant reduction in field maintenance activity and power system life-cycle cost.


  • Robust Design
  • Longer Design Life
  • Battery Bank
  • Reliable & Functional
  • Choice of Remote Monitoring


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • No ongoing power costs
  • Low maintenance

More about Cathtect’s Solar Power Rectifier

Cathtect’s Solar Power Rectifier is powered by a DC battery bank with controllable automatic output voltage. The battery bank is charged during daylight hours by suitably rated poly or monocrystalline solar panels. Not only does this system work off renewable resources, but the size and length of cable used is less than the conventional Rectifier Unit.

Cathtect’s Solar Powered Rectifiers are proving to be highly beneficial to our clients, the economy, and the considerable environmental advantages this product offers.

As the unit does not use AC electricity, it minimizes overall power usage and reduces our client’s carbon footprint, making this system a sustainable addition to a CP system. The size and length of cable needed are minimized in the design, leading to further reducing costs!