Line Markers


Cathtect USA is a proud distributor of a wide range of standard and customizable Line markers for all Cathodic Protection testing point applications.

Our Knowledgeable team can help you with product selection and ensure you have adequate quantities to meet all your Cathodic protection testing specifications and needs. Contact us to learn more!

Cathtect is a proud and authorized distributor of quality Line Markers made with pad printed removable covers labelled with UV stabilized ink providing long life outdoor decals that conform to State and Federal ID regulations & standards.

Constructed with Stainless steel rivets that connect the head to UV stabilized HDPE riser pipe & Plastic resin marker material with UV stabilizers for long color life and text visibility.




  • Impact resistant resin material
  • UV Protection
  • Long life in extreme weather areas
  • Low wind resistance
  • Maintenance free
  • Non-metallic construction
  • Non-conductive
  • High visibility


  • Marker Head 18” by 3.8” O.D: (457.2mm x 96.5mm)
  • Riser Pipe dims vary on requirement: 3.5” OD by length requested


  1. Identification of pipeline or structure
  2. Identification of owner
  3. Assist construction crews in locating
  4. buried structures.
  5. Conformity to State and Federal
  6. ID regulations


  • Use with most CP Voltmeters
  • Half cell models 3, 6 & 8 screw into back of CPV-2 and CPV-4 CP Voltmeters


-76˚C TO 122˚C (-105˚F TO 252˚F)

Cathtect USA offers a wide range of Testing equipment and accessories for  all Cathodic Protection applications. Let us assist you with the most compatible solution for your project needs.

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