Cathodic Protection Data Logger – Model DL-1 Data Logger 4 Channels


Cathtect USA offer a Data Logger for all Cathodic Protection testing applications. The DL-1 is a 4 Channel Data Loggers with easy to use TRAC 4 software included and available for download.

  • These units can Configure Sample frequency anywhere from 1000 reads per second to 1 read every 99 minutes, has 1,000,000 sample memory and USB communication feature.
  • Ideal for a wide range of CP testing applications including Interference testing, Pipe to Soil measurements, Anode output reads, CIS verification and more…

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  • Completely redesigned
  • 1 million read memory
  • Configure Sample frequency anywhere from 1000 reads per second to 1 read every 99 minutes
  • 4 Channels with independent grounds
  • 2 DC Channels with AC filtering, +/- 5 volts
  • 1 AC Channel, 150 volts RMS
  • TrueView Channel with no filtering, +/-100 volts
  • 200+ MegW Impedance/Channel
  • USB Connection to PC
  • Several status LEDs on instrument
  • New instrument case


Instrument 10.75” x 1.5” x 1.5”, 0.5 lbs.

(273mm x 38mm x 38mm, 0.227kg)

Carrying Case 12” x 6.75” x 4.5”, 2 lbs.

(305mm x 171mm x 114mm, 0.908kg)


  1. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  2. 4 TRAC Software (included and downloadable)


  • TRAC4 software program included
  • Available for download
  • Configuration and setup notes saves in all data files
  • Shunt configuration shows current in data and graph
  • Easy to use, single click graphing
  • Exportable to other common programs


  • Interference testing
  • Pipe to Soil measurements
  • Anode output reads
  • CIS verification
  • Telluric events
  • Stray currents


Operating Temp. Range –

-10˚C to 60˚C (14˚F to 140˚F)

Storage Temp. Range –

-20˚C to 70˚C (-4˚F to 158˚F)

Cathtect USA offers a wide range of Testing equipment and accessories for  all Cathodic Protection applications. Let us assist you with the most compatible solution for your project needs.

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