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We offer a Wide Range of Cathodic Protection Cables, Test Stations, Meters, Markers, Pin Brazing, thermite Welding, Cable jointing, Connectors, Probes, inhibitors, Coatings and More……

Please request a quote for your specific Product and quantity requirements. We offer a range of products for:

  • Cables (Various Sizes, Insulation & Colors)

  • Pin Brazing (Machines, pins, lugs, ferrules and various spares and accessories)

  • Thermite Welding Materials, accessories & Kits

  • Grounding & Earthing materials

  • Selective anode backfills (Carbon Backfill; Anode Packaging; Conductive Concrete)

  • Cable connectors, Split Bolts, Ferrules, Lugs & Cable Accessories.

  • Cable Jointing & Splice Kits (3 way – Y Joints for Anode Connections & 2 way – Strait Joints for Cable Joints)

Please feel free request a quote for all your CP Cable and accessory needs. We would be pleased to Quote a basket of goods for your complete project needs.

Cable Joint Kit 3 wayMetaplast Cable Joint Kits

Cable Joint Kits “Y” / 3 way

  • Jointing kit for connection of 3 cables at single junction
  • Jointing of Low Voltage Cables & Wires for Joint integrity for Various buried and submersed applications.
  • Suitable for anode bed connections and low voltage Cable junctions.
  • Options for Epoxy or Polyurethane resin fill.
    • Epoxy suited for burial in water fill applications
    • Polyurethane suited for Oil and Gas Applications
    • Smart Gel Visilock option

Cast Resin Low Voltage Cable Joint Kits – Brochure

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