AC Mitigation

Cathtect USA offers a number of Cathodic Protection decoupling and isolation devices  for CP Applications. namely: Solid-state decoupling devices, Voltage limiting devices, EXFS Rated Surge arrestors, isolating flange kits as well as earthing and cable accessories. Each product is made to our client’s requirements to ensure controlled electrical isolation of buried pipelines, tanks and structures. We do what it Takes!

Our AC Mitigation products include

Polarisation Cell Replacement (PCR)

PCR Devices conduct once a predetermined voltage has been attained. Once conducting, they maintain the predetermined volt drop across the device. 

Solid State Decouplers (SSD)

SSD’s functions as a DC voltage level clamping device in buried pipeline and storage tank systems. It can, at the same time, mitigate AC voltage.

Voltage Limiting Devices (VLD)

Gradient control mats are ideal in situations that have voltage differences between structures which could potentially be hazardous for workers. 

Decoupler Isolation

Cathtect has developed a Decoupler Isolator to effectively and easily eliminate decoupler interference for surveys whilst maintaining safety.

Grounding Accessories

Cables, Jointing Kits, Earthing Materials, Connectors, welding materials & Gradient control mats.

M.C. MILLER Equipment

As a distributor of M.C. Miller products, we would be happy to facilitate and support your CP Equipment and survey needs.

Cathtect USA specializes in Cathodic Protection.

Feel free to call us for more information regarding what our solutions can do for you.